Eldritch appears to have a touch of old Nethack adage "The Devs thought of everything" to it.  This page lists unexpected interactions, accidental deaths and other clever features.

Death by MisadventureEdit

Throw a Rock At It Edit

  • A rock may ricochet and strike the player. In my experience it did at least 3 damage and killed me outright.
    • Rocks always cause exactly three damage to the player after a ricochet as far as I can tell.
  • It appears this is possible with any held object in the game [further testing needed]

Unexpected InteractionsEdit

Have a Blast Edit

  • Any impact to Dynamite will start the fuse. This will annoy shopkeepers if it occurs within their shop.
  • Shooting Dynamite causes it to immediately explode.
  • A Shoggoth's attack can strike Dynamite and this too triggers an immediate explosion. The Shoggoth will be unharmed, but if on an upper floor may be dropped into the lower one, possibly leaving it stuck if it falls on top of blocks too high for it to climb or in a pit.
    • As witnessed in Trick or Treat world the Shoggoth ended up stuck on top of a tombstone.
  • Tossed a Dynamite into a group of three Mummies expecting them to drop into the next floor. Two went flying up and away instead, one ending up on the ledge I was standing on.

Nice Shootin'! Try Another One! Edit

  • Tossing a bottle at an oncoming Cultist's magic missile results in a broken bottle and a blocked missile.

A Huge MistakeEdit

  • Performed by killing yourself with an unloaded revolver.

Tripping over YourselfEdit

  • Firing a tripwire into a wall you're facing.

Schrödinger's Explorer Edit

  • Attempt to pickaxe into the floor past the lizardman statues in Nyarlathotep-3, get into a one-square wide walled corner, then aggro the statues who proceed to block you in on the two remaining open sides, and have your Pickaxe break on the next swing.

Shoggoth Trouble Edit

  • Finding the Summon spell for the first time, skipping the text, and using it at my feet with one health left.
  • Seeing how many Shoggoths will fit into one room, them promptly falling into it.

Easter Eggs? Edit

If you look at the ledger in the library near where you first spawn when starting a new game, the name of the Library is the Elder Ridge Library, located in Arkham, MA, with the last checkout date occurring apparently in 1929. Arkham is a fictional town in many of Lovecraft's works, and "Elder Ridge" is a pun on "Eldritch".

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