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Soul pickup text

Dagon: "You clutch the strange blue orb. It hums in response to your touch and vibrates as if trying to shake itself free. As your fingers tighten around it, you are struck with a sudden and unbidden insight: that within this unearthly sphere, the soul of the ancient deity Dagon is beginning to wake. A vision drifts through your mind like a long-forgotten memory of mortal fear, unchecked destruction, and then a clandestine ritual and uneasy peace. The vision fades, giving way to a sick feeling of emptiness. The Soul of Dagon stirs in the silence. You can now unlock the next book in the library."

Nyarlathotep: "You take the strange red orb.  It hums and trembles as Nyarlathotep wakes.  A wave of terror rushes over you.  You can now unlock the next book in the library."

Cthulhu: "You collect the strange green orb.  It wobbles greasily as Cthulhu awakens.  You reel a this horrible knowledge.  With all three souls in your possession, you will be able to unlock the library door."

Book opening text


Nyarlathotep: "You raise the Soul of Dagon before the sealed book. The sphere pushes against your fingers, palpably struggling to reach the leathery surface. A distant wind begins to howl as the encapsuled soul rages in your hand. As Dagon's Fury intensifies, the force holding the book falters. A defining crack splits the room as the seal is broken, and the Soul of Dagon becomes still and silent once again. The book falls open, revealing dusty pages covered in eldritch glyphs. A nameless dread fills you. The next world awaits...

R'lyeah: "You present the Soul of Nyarlathotep and the book's seal is broken.  A profound fear linger is your mind.  The next world awaits..."

Last books:

Bad ending: "You read aloud the ancient words of the ritual of binding.  The Old Ones still remaining within the boundaries of the library are trapped, and will no longer pose any threat to Earth.  Yet many more of them had already escaped, and still rampage beyond the library's walls.  Having done all you could, you complete the ritual by performing the final step: surrendering yourself to remain forever in the library as its guardian.  The End."

(need good ending and great ending)

Mountain of Madness: "The airplane's engine coughs as you turn the key in the ignition.You try not to dwell on the impossibly ancient things you have witnessed. As the plane lifts off the ground, you glance back toward the strange mountains with their unearthly rectangular monoliths, and a chill runs through your body.You have escaped with your life, but what of your sanity?"

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