Eldritch contains a number of special rooms.


Shops are found throughout all of the three core worlds. If you are holding the compass they are designated by what looks like a piece of paper with writing on it. They usually contain a variety of items, such as revolvers, baked meats, keys, knives, amulets, kits, rocks, and bottles. The shopkeeper can be killed, providing the explorer an abundance of items.

It is recommended that the explorer close the shop door behind them, since denizens can wander inside.

Dynamite is a good way to start an attack on the shopkeeper. Once he turns hostile, he uses with rapid missile attacks and takes several hits to take down.

In each World, the Shopkeeper is depicted as one of the World's denizens. On Dagon he is a Deep One with glasses, on Nyarlathotep he is a lizardman with a top hat and on R'lyeh he is a star spawn with a monocle, in The Mountains of Madness he is a Shoggoth in a cage with a bowler hat on. He, like other shoggoths, is (possibly) invincible. Clearly shopkeepers are smarter and more enterprising than their fellows.


Found in Dagon. These are usually closed off, they are defined by the bedrock in one corner with bubbles arising from it. A Shoggoth is found inside. These are believed to be invincible.


Whenever a tombstone is seen, it means a Ghoulish Mummy is nearby. Bombing the tombstones is believed to do nothing. Graveyards are not encountered on the Dagon or R'lyeh Worlds .


This area was labeled with a chest and sealed with a locked gate.  Inside the Vault there is a bank chest and a series of locked gates to chambers containing several piles of artifacts. These are useful for creating stores of artifacts for future runs.

It is also possible to gain access by using Explosives or shooting your revolver when you have the Destruction power to create a hole in the walls.  This way you may enter the final chamber of artifacts which has higher shelves. Simply climb to the top shelf to jump into the adjoining locked chamber.

Vaults are randomized: sometimes there is only one locked gate inside the Vault, which gives you access to a single chamber with piles of artifacts.

Statue RoomsEdit

These areas contain a statue that can grant the explorer a magical power.

Some Statue Rooms are surrounded by walls with locked doors. Aside from using a key, a set of lockpicks or the Knock magical power, the explorer can also gain entry by using Jump Boots, the Leap magical power, shooting a hole in the wall using her Revolver in combination with the Destruction Amulet or using dynamite to blow a hole in the wall.



Tavern room with tables and bar

This room is characterized by tables, chairs and, sometimes, a bar.  The tables are decorated with 8x8 checkerboards. There are often Bottles in Taverns, as well as Bugs, daggers, revolvers and artifacts.

Monster PrisonsEdit


Monster prison

High-walled, locked rooms that is home to several monsters and items. Can contain up to 4 or 5 monsters of different types. Plan carefully before deciding to engage these, as once the door is unlocked or the wall blasted, the monsters will advance quickly.

Library CanteenEdit

In the library is a small canteen area that has a bar, tables and chairs like in the taverns. It is where the player can heal in between rooms as it has baked meat and fruit. Bottles can also be found here.


Sewers are small tunnels that lead through a tile of map.  

Pyramid Edit


At the bottom of the Dagon world (in Dagon-3) there is a room with a Mayan-style pyramid on it, which unlike every other room is 2 levels high, and 2 rooms wide. At the top of the pyramid there is the first Soul you have to collect to open up the next world and a book that takes you back to the library. Round the back of the pyramid there's a door which let's you go inside it, where you'll find: a locked cell with some useful item in it and a penitent deep one, banging it's head to the wall oblivious to one's presence, like the ones from the third world (R'lyeh).

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