Eldritch is a randomly generated first person action adventure game and contains a number of places to explore.

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The LibraryEdit

This is the hub of Eldritch.  It is filled with books that offer clues as to the nature of the game world as well as how it works.

Morever, there are three glowing books which allow you to access the three main worlds of the game and a chest in which you can store and access "artifacts" (the currency of the game).

At this time it appears that the Library is randomly generated, or at least was randomly generated once and now is "locked" once you start the game.  There are no monsters here and it's about 3 stories tall.



Dagon Level 1

The first world of the game that the player can access.  The palette is made up of cool colors: mostly greens, blues and purples.

Enemies: Fishmen, Cultists, Bugs, Shoggoth.

Traps: Spikes

We need more information about later levels, moster and item frequency on various levels, what is exclusive to Dagon or even levels within Dagon, etc.


This is the second world of Eldritch. The palette is noted by browns and reds. This is considered to be the more dangerous of the three basic levels.

The inhabitants of this world are far more dangerous than Dagon. It is also littered with trip-wire traps, spikes on the floor, as well as the walls.

Nyarlathotep also allows for the player to find the trip-wire gun.

Lost city of R'lyehEdit

The third area of the game, R'lyeah, is a jungle type of setting. The palette is distignuished by greens.

The creatures here are currently much easier to kill than those that exist in Dagon. R'lyeah is also littered with a variety of traps. Most common are poison traps that can be found on the floor and on the walls.

Endless Library - #2Edit

The final portion of the game takes place in the same library you start out in. To reach the Library stage, one must complete the entire game in one life. Place each soul obtained on the pedestals that are opposite to the books.

Once you have reached the Library stage you will find all previously seen monsters, traps, and items.

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