There are a number of items and things in Eldritch that do not fit the parameters of the other sections.

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Hazards Edit

A number of hazards exist in Eldritch that will harm and outright kill the Explorer; haste plus hazards may cause more failed runs than Denizens do. One positive is most hazards also harm Denizens, so a clever Explorer might use to this to their advantage.

Spikes Edit

Spikes can be found throughout the Worlds. They deal 2 damage in New Game, and 3 in New Game+. They can damage enemies as well as the player, but luring enemies into spikes is no easy task.

  • Floor Spikes appear as a one-block grouping of bloodied spikes and are in Dagon-1 onward, often in rows. They can be walked through, but running or jumping into them causes damage.
  • Wall Spikes first appear in R'lyeh and are also common in Mountains of Madness and especially Asylum. These are two blocks high.

Tripwires Edit

Tripwires first appear in Nyarlathotep and are especially frequent in R'lyeh; they also appear in level 4 onwards in Mountains of Madness. Each does 1 damage and can be disarmed for 1 bullet. Disarming or keeping a tripwire depends largely on the Explorer's loadout and strategy, but their presence discourages a "run and gun" approach.

  • It's not unusual to hear a distant Revolver sound as a Denizen runs into a Tripwire.

False Tiles Edit

Another Nyarlathotep feature, these tiles are small, square, and paler than the surrounding tiles/blocks. When stepped on or jumped into they make a two-part soft breaking sound before disappearing completely, giving a short warning to get a move on. Often placed over deep spike pits or ceiling-to-floor falls, the tiles themselves do no damage.

Barnacle Eyes Edit

Encrusting all levels of R'lyeh, these eyes are found on ground and walls, unblinking and alert, but do not see. Instead they release a toxic gas when stepped on/bumped into, doing 1 damage. Barnacle Eyes can be damaged at range, disabling them but still releasing the gas.

Icicles Edit

A Mountains of Madness exclusive, these hang from the ceiling until the Explorer walks beneath them, causing them to shatter and fall. Icicles do 1 damage; a brief sound of ice breaking alerts the Explorer to move quickly, perhaps a second to spare.

  • Unfortunately icicles do not seem to react to Denizens. Whether a closely pursuing Denizen could be harmed or not is unknown.


"Bedrock" are black blocks coated with star-like patterns. It cannot be broken, even with the pickaxe/dynamite/destruction amulet, and sets boundaries for the map. These blocks are usually only seen when the explorer destroys the outer edges, floors, or ceilings of levels.

  • Souls at the end of each level float above a wide pedestal of Bedrock.
  • The entity imprisoned in the middle floor of Asylum is temporarily contained by squares of Bedrock, but even this unbreakable stone is not enough to contain it.

Green Vase Edit

Exclusive to the Mountains of Madness, Green Vases can be shattered with a weapon. Sometimes they will contain one or a pile of artifacts, sometimes they're empty. Other times they contain Bugs which will immediately attack the explorer!

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