There are a number of items and things in Eldritch that do not fit the parameters of the other sections.


Fountains are white marble bowls atop a column, and can spawn either full or empty. When the player interacts with a full fountain their maximum hit points are increased by one. Full fountains also heal the player by two hit points.


Food spawns randomly in each level, and can also be bought from shops. Rotten meat, fruit, and toxic fruit cannot be bought from shops.

Rotten meat usually deals 1 damage to the player, but occasionally heals by 1. It is recommended that it is eaten with at least 2 hit points remaining.

Fruit are found on small trees or saplings littered amongst the worlds. They restore 1 hit point. The tree that the fruit grows on is normally empty and there is a slim chance it will actuallly have fruit.

Toxic Fruit, like rotten meat, usually deals 1 damage to the player, but occasionally heals by 1. Toxic fruit has a higher chance of providing healing than rotten meat.


Souls are the artifacts at the end of every level. Three are required to access the final world. There are a total of four including the soul of the the librarian.


Spikes can be found throughout the worlds. They deal 2 damage in New Game, and 3 in New Game Plus. They can damage enemies as well as the player.


Bedrock is a black block that is coated with star like patterns. It cannot be broken, even with the pickaxe/dynamite/destruction amulet, and sets boundaries for the map.

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