ddeEldritch supports both keyboard and controller on PC and you can switch between them seamlessly in my experience.  Standard FPS controls apply including WASD or left control stick for movement.  All keys and commands are bindable for keyboard, mouse and controller input.


These are the unbinded controls that the game has as defaults.

W- Walk forward

A- Walk to the left

S- Walk backwards

D- Walk to the right

Q- Lean to the left

E- Lean to the right

C- Crouch/sneak

Left Shift- Sprint (must be held)

Z- Throw object

F- Interact/pick up/eat

Left click- Punch/shoot/throw

Right click- Use power

"Special" MovesEdit

Apart from the normal FPS movement conventions, Eldritch features a few special moves not as often encountered:

The explorer can pull her/himself up on a ledge that is two blocks high by moving toward it, jumping and holding the jump button down.

The explorer can slide into crouch mode. This is achieved by sprinting and then pressing the crouch button.

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