The Asylum is a new world added in the last update on August 20. It holds various of the denizens from previous worlds, including Mummies, Bugs, Cultists, Lizard Statues. The entrance to the Asylum is a strange book located to the right of the others. Entering it will lose your current progress on the other worlds. Once entered, you will appear in a corridor leading to a portal with a book to exit on your left. When you cross through the portal you then appear in the dungeon. A timer of 3 minutes will start to countdown as soon as you cross through. Your main goal is to collect many of the lost souls spread throughout the Asylum. Souls may be found within blocks that have a white particle effect emanating off of it. If you are still in the same level after the timer ticks to 0:00, a black cloud will be summoned from a purple portal located in the map and proceed to hunt you. You can find entrances to the next level of the Asylum which resets the timer back to 3 minutes. To go to the next floor you need to go up and find a portal.